Asian Restaurant: West End of London, UK


asian restaurant west end

There’s little doubt that Asian cuisine has grown at a rapid pace in the last decade. The success of restaurants like Baby Phat, Sweet Chicken, Baba Dabra and Pita Pad Thai has been at the forefront of many people’s minds in this city of ours. Now, West End is offering a variety of great Asian restaurant west end eateries and delis, so no matter what you crave for, you are sure to find something that will please your taste buds. If you’re looking for an authentic Szechwan style dish or a hint of dim Sum, head down to West End for some serious dining.

Asian restaurant west end – the best food they’ve ever had in their life

There are many Asian food lovers that will swear that Pita pads are some of the best food they’ve ever had in their life. In addition to being prepared by some of the best cooks in town, Pita Puffs is made from puff pastry that is filled with a spicy peanut butter mixture and then fried until golden brown. No matter what type of Asian food you crave, you are sure to be satisfied by Pita Puff. Many local restaurants boast their own version of this traditional treat, and it can be easy to find a restaurant in your neighborhood that serves up some great sweet treats. So go ahead and enjoy West End while you’re there.

In addition to all of the Asian inspired delights, West End also boasts some of West End’s finest wines. While most are good for local wines, there are a few that are available to drink with some red wine as well. If you have never tried anything from Bordeaux, the rich burgundy that is grown in this region is one of the most well known in the world. Try some of the great wines from this area, and you’ll see why it’s considered one of the best places in America to eat Chinese food.

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