Differences Between Building Permit and Building Approval


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Building approval and planning approval are two very different processes. Often a certain use or development of land will require both approvals under both systems. Planning approval procedure involves the examination of an application to use land in accordance with the municipal rules in a building approval application. It is this final decision that usually gives rise to a dispute between neighbors, and sometimes with the local government. Building approval involves a different set of planning and building criteria, which can include the use of certain features that can increase the value of the property, and also the overall appeal of the planned development. Go now


There are a number of factors that go into the granting of building approval. Generally, the area in which the development is to be built, along with other local amenities such as schools and hospitals, are taken into consideration when extending this approval. The local government often requires additional information for the purpose of improving the local infrastructure in cases where the local authority finds it necessary. It is then up to the owner to either comply with these requirements or face the consequences of the building approval being disapproved.


A variety of legal requirements come into play in the approval of building work. A building inspector will need to examine the site in order to ensure that the site meets all the required criteria. In most cases, the site will also have to be surveyed in order to ensure compliance with building codes. A certificate of occupancy is issued by the local authority once all documentation has been examined and found to be in line with local building approval requirements. A certificate of occupancy does not guarantee building approval; it merely informs potential buyers that the building meets the strictest measures and codes. All building permits take several months to be approved.

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