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Frontier Fitouts was founded by two men, John Martel and Hal Brands. They spent years perfecting their concept, designing all of the Fit Outs products that are now available. They started out by offering just a few simple, basic items such as resistance bands, dumbbells, and a few other unique items. But after finding that many of the gyms they were serving were still quite outdated and offer little modern amenities, these two men felt it necessary to launch a revolutionary concept to provide customers with a new, more functional exercise experience. See website for info About Frontier Fitouts.

frontier fitouts



Offers a Full Body Workout

Frontier Fitouts now offers an extensive selection of not only resistance bands and dumbbells, but also other workout gear such as workout balls, medicine balls, recumbent bicycles, treadmills, and even powerboats. While they don’t do the type of extensive body sculpting you would see at a major gym or fitness club, they do offer a unique line of work outs that really target certain parts of your body and give you a full body workout in the process. Because this is an independent business, each item is made to order. This means that if you need some equipment in particular, they can custom make it for you, or you can have them send you an item to try in your home.

Because this type of business is dependent on individual sales, they offer a free trial during which you will be able to try out all of their products and see if they are right for you. Because this business is geared towards individual sales, there is no need to worry about signing up with a long term contract when you purchase one of their fitness products. However, most customers do sign long term contracts when they buy fitness items because they feel that they need to get in better shape now than ever before. So, you can see why many people turn to Frontier Fitouts for all of their workout needs, especially those that need to take their workouts outside because the weather is not nice outside and it makes it difficult to exercise in the winter time.

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