Stryd Running Power Meter


The stryd running power meter is a great way to find out how much energy you’re using during a run. It measures power consumption over a 30-minute interval. The device detects this power usage, allowing you to adjust your workouts accordingly. This product measures power usage from both legs, so you can use it to help you improve your running performance.

How a cycling power meter works

The Stryd is connected to a Garmin watch, which means that the data collected by the meter is available in Garmin Connect. However, the data is not available on the Stryd’s own website. You’ll need to perform a critical power test before you can access your data from the meter. After the critical test, you can see your power in five different zones for different types of running.

When running on a hilly course, it is important to maintain a consistent level of power. You should go slightly above or below your target power on uphill sections, and slightly lower on downhill sections. Maintaining these power targets during a race can be challenging, so a Stryd can help you understand and analyze key areas of your run.

In addition to measuring power output, the Stryd can also measure wind resistance. Whether you’re running alone or with a group, the Stryd will tell you how much extra power you need to overcome air resistance. The device will also tell you how much power you can save by drafting off a pack or using a tailwind. This gives you more control over your pacing strategy, allowing you to use the wind to your advantage.

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