The Jaguar 1960 – The Car That Changed the World


jaguar 1960

With an Old English White and black paint finish, this jaguar 1960 offers a classic British look combined with modern Jaguar technology and mechanicals. Its 3.8-litre six-cylinder engine produces 265bhp and is paired to a five-speed manual transmission that delivers the ultimate driving experience.

The 1960s was an era of incredible change, in music, fashion and art but it also changed cars, especially the Jaguar range. Having already pushed the boundaries in the 1950s with the stunning XK series of sports and luxury saloons, the ten years that followed saw the brand take things even further.

Jaguar in the Swinging Sixties: A Decade of Automotive Excellence

One of the key reasons for this was that Jaguar had become heavily involved in racing, not just with standard XK models but with the legendary C and D-Type purpose built race cars, which won the 24 Hours of Le Mans on three occasions. It was clear that the company needed a car to compete with Ferrari and other competitors in larger races, but not only did it need to be fast it needed to be light to keep costs down.

Jaguar’s engineers, led by Bill Thornton and Cyril Crouch, turned the styling sketches done by the firm’s founder Sir William Lyons into actual blueprints and began work on the new car. Its svelte new shape, designed by Malcolm Sayer, who had been involved in designing the company’s Le Mans winning racing cars, was heavily influenced by aircraft design and a host of futuristic American concept cars of the time.

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