The Real World by Andrew Tate


Andrew Tate is the creator of The Real World, an online “learning” platform that charges its students for a detailed education in wealth-building strategies and mentorship from successful entrepreneurs. The program teaches several business models, including entrepreneurship and passive income streams, but it emphasizes that a strong mindset and confidence can help individuals overcome their financial challenges and achieve success. Tate, who frequently shares photos of his luxury cars and private jets on social media, claims to have a net worth of millions and attracts followers to The Real World by sharing his own ostentatious lifestyle.

Empowering Narratives: Themes Explored in Andrew Tate’s “The Real World

Critics say The Real World is a pyramid scheme that exploits vulnerable kids and channels them towards misogynistic ideology. The platform operates by requiring students to promote the programme by flooding TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube with videos promoting the site and its courses and then receiving 48 percent of sales commission on every new student that signs up through their unique signup link.

Tate claims that his students can earn millions of dollars by following the course and implementing what they learn, but this is not true for everyone. The course’s instructors also push their students to work unsustainably long hours, recommending that some work up to 16 hours a day and sleep just three hours a night.

VICE News spoke with several former The Real World students who described how the programme compelled them to take on unsustainably stressful jobs and spend all their money on the course without ever making any significant amount of money in return. Others alleged that they were pushed to promote the site by a team of instructors who threatened to block their social media accounts if they did not comply.

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