Unforms by Total Image Group


unforms by Total Image Group

If you’re considering changing your business uniforms, you’ll likely be curious to learn more about the Unforms by Total Image Group. This Australian company designs and manufactures work clothes and is proud to be a partner of some of Australia’s biggest corporate names. These uniforms meet industry standards and incorporate the latest technologies. In fact, this company dresses as many as 300,000 employees every day! Read on to discover why they’re the preferred apparel of many corporations.

Company Designs And Manufactures Work Clothes

Total Image Group specializes in providing medical uniforms and other uniform products for Australia’s healthcare industry. Their extensive portfolio of designs and fabrics are appropriate for a variety of industries, and their focus on customer satisfaction makes this company a leader in corporate workwear in Australia. Total Image understands the importance of branding and employee morale and aims to help each customer present a professional image. Whether you’re a hospital, dental clinic, or retail outlet, Total Image has the right uniform for you.

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