School Dunk Tank Fundraiser



School dunk tanks are a classic attraction at fairs, carnivals, and fundraisers, generating uproarious fun and laughter for everyone from participants to onlookers. They’re also a terrific way to monetize a school-related event by charging a small fee to throw balls at the target, which could be a teacher, principal or other staff member who’s willing to risk getting drenched for a good cause.

While the concept of throwing a softball into a tank and watching the person in it fall into water seems like the perfect school fundraising idea, there are some important considerations. For example, it’s important to make sure that a dunk tank isn’t operated during a thunderstorm. The combination of lightning and water poses a serious danger to people who are trying to throw balls at the target or who are sitting in the tank itself. Moreover, it’s vital to close down the tank if there are any weather warnings, as rain or wind can easily knock someone out of the tank and into the crowd below.

School’s Out, Fun’s In: Organizing a School Dunk Tank Event

For these reasons, many schools, community groups, and local businesses use dunk tanks as part of their summer fundraising events. Typically, a dunk tank is set up in an outdoor area with plenty of foot traffic and the target can be anyone who’s willing to take their turn in the seat for a donation. It’s usually best to choose adults who can swim and who are at least taller than the tank’s deepest point.

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